Viscount Church Organs

Viscount UNICO 500 Church Organ

Viscount Church Organs are driven by state of the art Physis® Physical Modeling Technology, empowering organists in ways that are impossible with sampled sound organs. According to Music Trades Magazine, Viscount is the largest producer of digital organs in the world. 

Throughout our experience as church musicians and church organ professionals, we have always been on the forefront of organ technology. We proudly represent Viscount because they offer the best digital organ on the market. These organs are better sounding, more flexible, and built to a higher quality control standard than our competitors. 



Viscount UNICO Drawknob Organ Console
Viscount SONUS 359 Organ Console, available from Viscount Organs of the Ohio Valley
Viscount Chorum Organ – Viscount Organs of the Ohio Valley

About Viscount

Viscount is the largest manufacturer of digital organs in the world. 

A third-generation owned musical instrument company based in the Eastern coast of Italy. The company prides itself on quality, fine craftsmanship, technology, and passion. Viscount boasts an extremely talented team of over 100 engineers, designers and artisans. The Viscount headquarters in Italy sprawls over three different properties from the research & development lab, to the factory, to the warehouse, and the administrative office tucked into the beautiful Italian countryside. For comparison, Viscount's R&D facility is larger than most competitors entire headquarters.

The sound is not the only focus for Viscount. All organ parts are made by Viscount and all consoles are delicately handcrafted in Italy by craftsman with decades of experience. 

Viscount North America's administrative HQ and concert hall is located in Harrisonburg, VA. All North American instruments are warehoused at their newly expanded facility in Stony Point, New York. 

Marcello Galanti, Founder of Viscount Organs
Marcello Galanti, 
Founder of Viscount International
Viscount Organs HQ – Italy 1917
Viscount HQ – Mondaino, Italy
Viscount Organs are the largest manufacturer of digital organs in the world.