Our team is equipped to service pipe, digital and hybrid organs of any make or model. No job is too small or large.

Electronic Organ Repair


We offer more than 4 decades of combined experience in church organ installation, maintenance, and general service. We service organs of ANY make & model. No service request is too large or small. Proudly serving the Ohio Valley and surrounding areas.

Hybrid Organs

Add more flexibility to your pipe organ. Viscount Hybrid organs can be added to existing consoles or be customized for your church from the ground up. The patented Viscount interface uses a double monitoring system to seamlessly merge the digital and pipe divisions. 


New Organ Installtion


We proudly represent Viscount North America. Our digital organs are simply the most advanced digital organs in the world. Our team is your expert on church organ installation. We work closely with your church to ensure the console, custom speaker system, and organ voicing are a perfect match for your sanctuary.


Organ Rental


Need an organ to make your wedding, concert, or special event a little more special? – Contact us today to schedule an organ rental. We have small and large organs available to rent for your event. Call us today for a free organ rental estimate. 

Home Organ Installation

Need a practice instrument for your home or studio? – We have a large range of instruments and console sizes to accommodate your space and sound needs. Even Viscount's smallest consoles are flexible and empowering for organists of all discipline and skill-level.  


Rebuilding & Restoration


We rebuild and restore pipe organs of any size. Our team is dedicated to making your organ fully functional. With over 4 decades of combined experience, we can often spot problems before they arise. Call your local trusted organ experts for a consultation today!