Saying Goodbye to Old Technology!


Dave and Jim here –

As active church musicians and professionals in the church organ industry, we have always been on the forefront of organ technology. Our business is our ministry and part of that is knowing that we are offering our customers the best products available. Our goal is and has always been to provide our customers with top notch service and support, but most importantly to provide our customers with state of the art instruments using the latest and greatest technology. We firmly believe that Viscount Organs driven by Physis® Technology are the most advanced, best sounding digital organs on the market. Formerly known as Rodgers Organs of Southern Ohio, we are extremely excited and proud to announce that we are officially a Viscount Organ dealer and service center.

We offer church organ installation, service & repair, pipe tuning and maintenance, hybrid organ installation, and anything you can think of relating to a church organ.

From a sound standpoint, Viscount Organs offer far more flexibility and control over the console than ever before. Physis® Technology is Viscount's proprietary physical modeling technology. This technology uses absolutely ZERO sampled sounds to recreate the sound of a pipe organ. Think of a sampled sound as a snapshot in time – a well-recorded wav file. Physis® Technology uses over 70 individual and adjustable parameters to determine how the stops will interdependently act and sound.

The brain of a Physis® organ processes in excess of 24 billion bits of information per second to faithfully an articulately reproduce the subtle nuances of a pipe organ. For example; dips in air pressure and increased demands on individual divisions of the organ. Physis® Technology empowers the organist in ways that are impossible in a sampled sound instrument.

We strongly encourage you to visit our website and learn more about Viscount and their Physis® Technology. The vast flexibility is absolutely stunning.

Goodbye Old Technology! Hello Physis®!

- Dave & Jim

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